Local Priorities

About The Scheme

The Local Priority Scheme is used by the Community Council to provide financial assistance for local projects that benefit our communities. The funds come exclusively from East Lothian Council in the form of a grant.

Funding Criteria

When we decide amongst suggestions we consider:

  • projects that will improve the local environment.
  • projects that will benefit a wide section of our communities.
  • projects that would be difficult to fund from other sources.
  • even-handedness across Aberlady, Dirleton, Drem and Gullane.
  • projects which have been costed.
  • evidence that a group has made efforts to raise some of its own funds.

Recent examples of organisations that have received funding through the scheme

  •   Gullane Beavers Jan 2020    

Photograph courtesy of Emma Martin Photography

  • Gullane Xmas Lights 2019

  • Gullane Bowling Club–alterations to clubhouse 


  • Gullane Table Tennis Club – New Table ^^


  • Gullane Village Hallstage curtains
  • Dirleton Good Neighboursstart up expenses
  • Gullane Sports Development Trust — kitchen at pavilion
  • Dirleton Village AssociationChristmas lights appeal
  • Dirleton Village Association2nd defibrillator
  • Aberlady Community Associationwar memorial refurbishment
  • DremChristmas Lights
  • DremDefibrillator
  • Gullane Hockey Clubequipment

To apply for funding, download the form below and return via email or simply bring the completed form along to our next meeting.

Application form

You can discuss ideas by writing to us, by contacting individual Community Councillors or by emailing gaccsecretary@gmail.com. We welcome all suggestions for spending Local Priority Scheme funds from residents and local groups that are properly constituted.

Applications can be made at any time during the year but we recommend that these are submitted before the end of January to ensure that we have time to properly assess the merits of the project by the end of the financial year, on 31 March. Please note that we cannot pay into an individual’s bank account so a separate account must be set up before making an application.