Responses to Planning Applications

The Community Council regularly monitors all planning applications relevant to our area submitted to East Lothian Council and we lodge objections or make observations on them to the Council where we consider that it is in the interests of the community for us to do so. We have decided to publish copies of them on this website and they can be accessed below.

  1. Mallard Hotel         Planning Application : 19/01325/P
  2. Mallard Hotel    Planning Application 20/00394/CAC Further Representations
  3. Archerfield             Planning Application  1800624P
  4. Gullane Gym          Planning Application 1900231P   26/4/19 This application has now been withdrawn
  5. Gullane Gym  (NEW) Planning Application  20/00558/P   2020 06 12
  6. Muirfield Care Signage Planning Application No 19 00515
  7. Archerfield     Planning Application 18 00624 P- Further representations
  8. Gullane    – Hamilton Road   19-01272-P
  9.  Dirleton- Newmains 1900895P and 1900903LBC Objection letter – CC  Newmains – Objections by DVA as lodged 2019
  10. Gullane to West Fenton Footpath FINAL v.2 2020 04 17
  11. Braeside ,West Fenton Planning App 20/00638/P  2020 10 14