Future Meetings – Coronavirus

The Community Council suspended its regular monthly meetings in March on account of the coronavirus but, as announced, we are holding a virtual meeting on 24th June 2021. As it is apparent that the lockdown is going to continue for some time to come we have decided that from now on we will hold virtual meetings monthly until such time as full meetings can be resumed. We do not intend to invite members of the public to participate in these meetings but if you have any comments or concerns which you would like to bring to our attention, please do so by sending an email to gaccsecretary@gmail.com when we will endeavour to give you an early answer. Meantime minutes of our meetings will continue to be posted on our website at www.gaddabout.org.uk , and on the GACC Facebook page as soon as reasonably possible after each meeting.
Tom Drysdale, Chairman Gullane Area Community Council, 23 May 2020
NEXT Meeting Thursday 24th June at 7pm